Hybrid cloud private storage


Many companies and government organisations want to take advantage of the cloud's scalable, on-demand computing capabilities, but they're held back by data security, regulatory or audit requirements that compel them to keep some information on storage systems that they operate or oversee themselves. Yet direct oversight and granular data management are nearly impossible with most cloud-based storage services.


Standards and compliance

Equinix is committed to operating facilities that meet the rigorous standards and compliance needs of global businesses. We work with several regulatory and standards organisations to ensure compliance—from the data centre operations to sustainability and environmental regulations.

Placing your private storage resources within global Equinix IBX® data centres enables you to meet these requirements and leverage the performance and scalability benefits of securely connecting private storage to public compute and application resources. Direct connections between private storage resources within an Equinix IBX data centre and public cloud compute resources, lower latency and increased performance.

Secure access

Inside Equinix data centres, you can preserve control over enterprise information and still use cloud services such as NetApp or EMC. By establishing secure access between private storage systems and public clouds housed within Equinix data centres, your storage and compute resources function as though they're on the same server rack—with very low latency, high reliability and security.