Private cloud design and deployment

Equinix Professional Services, in conjunction with our technology services partners, offers a full range of consulting, implementation and testing services to ensure your private cloud meets your business requirements and is delivered on budget and on time. Our design and engineering teams take much of the risk out of cloud deployments in our data centres, leveraging decades of experience, proprietary tools and market-tested best practices to optimise your private cloud architecture and make sure it's implemented efficiently.


Expert cloud planning and design

Equinix Professional Services provides the guidance and expertise to help ensure your private cloud hits performance and cost targets. They can help model which data centre locations would best serve your business objectives. They can help evaluate and select the most efficient WAN services and routes for delivering application services to employees and other end users. Our professional services team works with you to understand your business requirements for a private cloud and what constraints are posed by your legacy IT infrastructure. We then create detailed plans for creating the optimal data centre and network architecture based on your requirements.


Cloud modelling and testing

Equinix Solution Validation Centres™ provide comprehensive, state of the art lab environments for cloud demonstration and testing. Inside these facilities, we can simulate and measure network latency between your corporate IT infrastructure and externally hosted clouds and managed IT services. We can model the most efficient options for distributing data centres and private clouds across multiple sites to meet your application performance and customer experience goals. Equinix Solution Validation Centres help eliminate much of the uncertainty in deploying complex cloud-based services, ensuring your cloud performs as well in the real world as on paper.


Experienced data centre migration and deployment services

Equinix offers a range of implementation services to get your cloud infrastructure up and running right and fast. We can build out your colocation cage, rack and stack servers and hook up your equipment to power and networks. We also offer professional, cost-competitive data centre migration services using qualified technicians who ensure moves are conducted in a manner that safeguards equipment and preserves manufacturers' warranties.

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Performance Hub strategy and architecture

The Equinix Performance Hub allows enterprises to connect their wide area network or private cloud to the Equinix network and dramatically improve network speed and application performance.


Solution Validation Centres™

Equinix Solution Validation Centres allow companies to trial, test and measure the performance of complex data centre deployments before committing to full-scale production.

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