Hybrid cloud IT services


With 775++ IT service providers and systems integrators on Platform Equinix™, you get an unbeatable variety of best-in-breed solutions and expert assistance for your hybrid cloud.

Secure, reliable and direct connections

Hundreds of companies offer private hosting, systems integration and managed services for your hybrid cloud in Equinix data centres. By colocating and interconnecting your corporate IT infrastructure with externally hosted or managed cloud services within Equinix, data between your in-house and outsourced IT systems travel securely, reliably and at very high speeds. Everything operates as though it's on the same local area network, which can help streamline IT service orchestration, as well as data synchronisation, backup and recovery.



By combining Platform Equinix's global reach, network density and interconnected business ecosystems with Unitas Global's fully managed infrastructure service portfolio, organisations can now realise the efficiencies of utilising one global infrastructure provider.