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Performance and reliability


According to The 451 Group, it is estimated that the desktop virtualization market will be worth $5.6 billion by 2016. Included in this market are cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) environments where enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) host their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) servers in the cloud. End users depend on fast access to applications and content through these virtual desktop environments and cannot afford to wait out high-latency "boot storms" to start their workday.

Highly efficient applications and content delivery

DaaS is just one case where businesses need to provide an efficient interconnection architecture that is flexible enough to meet a variety of applications and content distribution, performance and budget requirements. Equinix Performance Hub™ provides an open architecture, enabling companies to design a CDN infrastructure that leverages a number of WAN optimisation techniques that lower latency and increase bandwidth.

Performance Hub can be distributed across Equinix's 210+ global data centres in the world's top business markets, reducing the distance for content and applications delivery and minimising packet loss. They can also be configured to meet specific customer and application performance service-level agreements (SLAs), such as video streaming in a media asset workflow process or video conferencing in a Microsoft Lync environment.

Equinix Performance Hub deployments deliver:

  • 15% faster page load times
  • 27% fewer network hops for more consistent performance
  • 40% less variability in end-to-end transit time


High-performance, cost-effective IT infrastructures

Equinix Performance Hub helps you optimise efficiency and performance for CDNs and reduce network latency between corporate and branch offices, or between corporate offices and customer sites while keeping WAN costs affordable. They can also dramatically reduce the high cost of putting WAN optimisation devices at every location by placing them only at Performance Hub locations. Our test results show that we have customers within our Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres that have saved (on average) 25% on network bandwidth costs with Performance Hub implementation.

Simplified backup and recovery

Availability and fast recovery of applications and data are critical to delivering a high quality of experience (QoE) to your employees and customers, and to keeping your company's productivity and revenue from grinding to a halt. In the case of streaming video providers, the ability to recover high-quality copies of videos in real time could mean the difference between your customers renewing their subscriptions to your online services or searching for the nearest Redbox location. For DaaS users, it could mean the difference between starting their workday as soon as they reach their desks or starting their cars to grab a latte while their desktops boot up.

Replicating your IT and applications and content delivery infrastructure with Equinix Performance Hub deployments in any of Equinix’s 210+ global Platform Equinix™ data centres provides you with a robust and reliable disaster recovery (DR)/business continuity (BC) environment. Equinix IBX data center operational reliability provides >99.9999% (on average) global uptime and a minimum of N+1 power redundancy.

More than 1,800++ networks within our data centres give our customers numerous ways to create diverse network routes and ensure service resilience and redundancy. In many cases, Equinix has also installed redundant fibre lines to connect buildings within our data centre campuses and in metropolitan areas.

Leveraging the low latency and high bandwidth links between the corporate data centre and DR sites enables you to rapidly recover content and serve it up to end users and customers without them ever knowing there was an outage. By distributing Equinix Performance Hub nodes in Equinix data centres worldwide, you can deploy a global BC and DR strategy.



Global professional services

Before you commit to full-scale DR/BC deployment, our Global Solutions Architects™ can help you test and measure the impact of Performance Hub designs on your applications and data backup and recovery in our Equinix Solution Validation Centers™.