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Cloud access


Direct interconnections in our Platform Equinix™ data centres give you direct access to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, managed services such as hosting and private storage and communications services such as urban Ethernet and broadband networks. 375+ cloud service providers are available within Equinix, and many of them offer direct interconnections to their cloud services viaEquinix Cloud Exchange™ and Equinix Cross Connects.

Scalable private, public and hybrid clouds

Equinix direct interconnections and Equinix Cloud Exchange solutions enable you to bypass congested Internet networks and directly and securely access public cloud services.

Connection type within EquinixAverage transmission latencyPeak transmission latency
Public internet11 milliseconds50 milliseconds
Public Cloud Direct Connect2.5 milliseconds5 milliseconds
latency reduction77%90%

Features and benefits

Equinix enables companies to enhance their applications and content delivery infrastructures by:

  • Leveraging the benefits of both public and private cloud solutions: the efficient, customised computing capabilities of a private cloud with the scalability and on-tap features of a public cloud
  • Balancing applications and content between private and public compute and storage infrastructures to increase scalability and capacity
  • Increasing transaction processing capabilities while keeping costs flat
  • Seamlessly migrating from an all-public cloud to a cutting-edge hybrid cloud and increasing efficiency and agility



Design, testing and deployment

Equinix Professional Services will help you design, test and deploy a robust applications and content delivery infrastructure. Our Global Solutions Architects (GSAs) will work with you to design, test and deploy content delivery network (CDN) solutions. Located in strategic markets around the world, Equinix Solution Validation Centres™are state-of-the-art technology proving grounds where our GSAs will help you mitigate IT risks and make the most of your data centre investments by testing your application and IT deployments prior to rollout.