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Computer and Application

Drive the future with intelligent and agile IT

Take advantage of the hardware and licensing programs designed to reduce costs and simplify your digital supply chain to prepare your business to the future with a more intelligent, flexible, competitive and agile IT.

Solutions Offered

Computer Hardware Server

We provide dedicated servers and components (CPU, Memory and HD) to quickly and easily scale your Equinix environment.

  • No initial investment is needed – pay only a monthly fee
  • Expand your current environment without having to purchase new equipment
  • Quick replacement, with no additional charges in case of hardware failure
  • Get 24/7 support from our leading technical staff

Software Licensing

Manage multiple software licences and support contracts from different vendors easily.

  • Centralised software licences
  • Unique licensing plans with major software vendors
  • 10+ vendors like Microsoft, Commvault, Oracle, Citrix, VMware, Red Hat and more
  • Quick set up and deployment
  • Software management can be purchased