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Equinix Internet Exchange™

Equinix Internet Exchange enables networks, content providers and large enterprises to exchange internet traffic through the largest global peering solution across 25+ markets.


Standard offerings and features:

  • Public VLAN—for access to all peering participants
  • Support for industry standard IEEE 802.1Q trunking encapsulation
  • Private VLAN (Required: Unicast Peering VLAN enabled)—for direct bi-lateral peering or communities of interest
  • Support for remote triggered blackholing (RTBH) to mitigate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
  • Access to IX Portal
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre for issue resolution at every site
  • >99.9999% uptime guarantee for individual ports
  • Best practice information on peering and interconnection
  • Account, technical and operational support
  • Access to peering community

Internet Exchange benefits:

  • Carrier-class service including an SLA commitment
  • Access to Equinix events targeted at peering coordinators and network engineers
  • Diverse geographical coverage with a global Equinix Internet Exchange platform
  • Flexible and scalable connectivity options at speeds ranging from 1 Gbps (1 Gigabit Ethernet) to 100 Gbps (100 Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Easily mitigate DDoS attacks with RTBH
  • Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Route server-based Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE) which reduces the number of peering sessions
  • Strategic IX Partnerships:
    • In Europe, Equinix hosts more than 20 Internet Exchanges as valued partners including: AMS-IX, BIX.bg, CIXP, DE-CIX, ECIX, INEX, IXManchester, KleyReX, LINX, LONAP, MIX-IT, NETNOD, NL-IX, SOLIX, STHIX, SWISS-IX, UAE-IX
    • In Asia-Pacific, Equinix has partnerships with BBIX, JPIX and JPNAP in Tokyo.
    • In North America, Equinix is partnered with the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX)

IX Portal

The IX Portal provides detailed sFlow-based traffic statistics and charting, participant reports for all Equinix Internet Exchange locations, technical details on the service including jitter statistics and peering partner suggestions.


  • sFlow-based data and charting tools
  • Participant lists for each Internet Exchange location
  • Network health reports
  • Network topology diagrams and information
  • Peering events calendar

Visit the IX Peering Portal