Global Roaming Exchange

Equinix Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) provides a platform for mobile data providers to efficiently exchange general packet radio service (GPRS) roaming traffic with multiple other providers through a single connection. Equinix operates two of the three GRX points in our Singapore and Ashburn IBX® data centres. The third GRX point in Amsterdam is accessible from our Amsterdam IBX locations in partnership with AMS-IX.


Global Roaming Exchange

GRX Peering at Equinix (GPE) is offered on a resilient, fully-managed, Ethernet-based switching platform designed specifically for the exchange of mobile Internet traffic. The switching platform has a redundant architecture designed to ensure uptime. The service is available for all GPRS operators and other qualified customers present in our Ashburn or Singapore locations who wish to exchange roaming traffic with other mobile carriers and network service providers.

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