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Infrastructure services: installation


Equinix is the foremost expert in data center installations, having successfully installed more than 100,000 cabinets and 250,000 power distribution units (PDUs). We can project manage the entire process, provide professional structured cabling, rack and stack your equipment in the cabinets and install all power strips as well as cabinets, ladder racks, fibre trays and security systems.

When you choose our team to act as your single vendor, you benefit from:

  • We vet all vendor partners, simplifying the sourcing process to ensure you’re working with the best. All parts and labour are billed through Equinix, so there’s no need to manage multiple invoices.
  • An unparalleled knowledge of how our data centres operate means that our experts can anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • World-class colocation design and optimisation capabilities help you design a cage that optimises space and guarantees ease of access for service.
  • Only Equinix has the ability to begin work before the colocation cage is completed, saving time and money for your project.
  • Fast, professional Equinix project management means you’ll have a data centre professional tasked with organising the entire process for efficiency and speed. Equipment installation is performed in parallel with cage build-out. Complete project management is provided for shipping, security and logistics. And the turnkey delivery on a single invoice saves time and money.
  • ‘Future proofing’ made simple. We understand trends in data centre technology and can recommend solutions, such as cable types and expansion panels, that will accommodate the greatest amount of flexibility for long-term growth.
  • Global capabilities and consistency provide operational simplicity. This dramatically reduces complexity and enhances operational management regardless of location.
  • Equinix Structured Cabling helps reduce the chances of errors such as a cable accidentally being unplugged (resulting in unwanted downtime). In fact, most outages are caused by poor cabling. That’s why Equinix Structured Cabling provides advice on cable management and expert installation of cabling infrastructure, including detailed inventory and proper labelling. All cabling installations are warrantied when deployed.

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