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Infrastructure services


With ever-changing business dynamics, data centre designs have become more customised and complex. That is why Equinix offers specialised products that support evolving equipment standards and technology requirements. And, our trained and dedicated team takes care of all the installation for you—ensuring your data centre deployment is turnkey from start to finish.


Custom design and installation

Equinix's industry-leading team of data centre experts has configured some of the most complex data centre installations. We can recommend, design and deploy the right cage, suite and server cabinet solutions to meet your requirements for physical security and power usage. With the increasing power requirements of today’s technology, high-power density configurations are critical to global businesses. Equinix has the expertise to configure cabinet and racking solutions that can meet your power usage requirements and allow for efficient heat dissipation. Equinix experts can manage your entire installation project including design, structured cabling and rack & stack.

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Data centre infrastructure equipment

With Equinix you can focus on your data, without having to worry about your data centre. Equinix streamlines the build-out of your data centre deployment by offering and installing an array of specialised products, from cabinets to power strips to cable management systems. We maintain cost-competitive resale agreements with all major data centre infrastructure manufacturers and our highly skilled staff is available to install right away. From scheduling to build-out, we will get your data centre deployment installed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Migration and move services

Make migrations easy and secure with Equinix. From simple to the most complex data centre migrations, you can trust Equinix to expertly handle your end-to-end migration needs. With more than a decade of migration experience, we have the expertise and processes to handle any job.

  • Fully-insured, ready-to-use relocation services
  • A dedicated project manager to plan and assist at every step
  • Deep experience and an established track record in moving specialised, high-end electronic equipment
  • Optional swing/loan equipment to keep your data centre up and running during the migration
  • Fast and secure on-site data eradication services, ensuring certifiable compliance with global security and privacy regulations
  • Service anywhere in the world, 24x7x365

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