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Infrastructure services: equipment


At Equinix, our team is well aware of the challenges that you face as you try to balance complex delivery schedules, juggle vendor relationships, keep costs reasonable and keep your focus on the future when making CAPEX investments in equipment. So why not let our experts handle your equipment procurement?

With more than 100,000 cabinets deployed and over 15 years of experience in equipment purchasing for data centres, our hardware experts can provide advice for all custom and standard solutions. These include cages and cabinets, power distribution, cable management, security and accessories. We simplify the entire sourcing process and handle all aspects of vendor management, procurement and delivery.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of working with a single vendor as well as the benefit of a single invoice. Utilising our team ensures your equipment investments meet your specific needs and that your new purchases will perform consistently and accurately within our data centres, avoiding potential interoperability issues.

We also take a synchronised approach to equipment procurement. Rather than having equipment show up at random intervals, it arrives when it is needed and access is available. Equinix tracks the entire process, from procurement to delivery. We even handle all the tickets behind the scenes – there’s no need to generate new help tickets or new purchase orders. The entire process is seamless and remarkably stress free. And should any issues arise, you only have one vendor to call for resolution.

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Cages and cabinets

Cages and Cabinets
  • Standard and custom cabs
  • 2/4 post racks

Power distribution

Power Distribution
  • Basic and intelligent PDUs
  • Switched PIPS/POPS
  • Integrated temperature and humidity monitoring

Cable management

Cable Management
  • Custom ladder rack
  • Fibre raceway
  • Horizontal and vertical cable managers


  • Hand biometric readers
  • Cameras and recorders
  • Kinetic locks
  • Motion detection
  • HID with pin readers


  • Cabinet: rails, shelves, doors
  • Cage: mesh, storage
  • Cross connects: jumpers, patch panels, media converters