Hyper Care

EPS Cloud Hyper Care provides round-the-clock management, monitoring, provisioning and troubleshooting of your cloud workloads during the stabilisation period after go-live.

Continued cloud monitoring and optimisation is essential in order to realise and maintain hybrid cloud benefits. Excessive uptime, cloud over utilisation, increased maintenance costs and increased regulatory and security risks are all common issues in an unmanaged cloud environment.

Managed Identity

Log Management

Managed Security

Managed Optimisation

Included services:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of server uptime, resource usage and app availability
  • Round-the-clock response and resolution to all service issues with documented response SLA
  • Backup, storage, recovery and management for all servers and database resources
  • Platform, OS, networking support
  • IAM, image, AMI and patch management
  • Cloud security provisioning
  • Application support assistance & triage
  • Alert, monitor and ticket integration with customer support teams and tools
  • Cloud optimisation to eliminate underutilised resources and drive down costs


Hyper care support

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