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Hyper Care

EPS Cloud Hyper Care provides round-the-clock management, monitoring, provisioning and troubleshooting of your cloud workloads during the stabilisation period after go-live.

Continued cloud monitoring and optimisation is essential in order to realise and maintain hybrid cloud benefits. Excessive uptime, cloud over utilisation, increased maintenance costs and increased regulatory and security risks are all common issues in an unmanaged cloud environment.

Managed identity

User account and access management for your cloud resources.

  • Setup and management of Windows Active Directory or Linux LDAP domain
  • User/group/service account provisioning
  • Multi-factor authentication setup assistance and management (RSA, Amazon, Azure AD/Office365)
  • SSO/federation support (ADFS or Ping Identity) and SSO for cloud portal access configuration and maintenance
  • Advanced IAM support (profiles, role management, etc.) and IAM (cloud portal & resource access) management

Log management

Real-time collection, review and archiving of all system, app and infrastructure logs. Daily review of logs and escalation of related findings to NOC.

  • Real-time collection, aggregation and normalisation of log data
  • Central portal for log review and reporting. Log retention for 90 days, 1 year and 1+ years
  • Daily review of logs by SOC and NOC staff
  • Integrated case management from log escalations w/ other management services, providing both a reactive and proactive approach to management
  • Complies with PCI DSS daily review compliance requirement
  • Collection & archiving are PCI DSS, HIPPA, and SOX-compliant

Managed security

EPS Cloud partners our advanced cloud experience with industry-leading security product providers to deliver an unprecedented security solution for your cloud.

  • Round-the-clock SOC staffed by GIAC-certified security architects who monitor, review, adjust and react to all events, incidents and identified threats throughout your cloud systems
  • Real-time IDS and vulnerability scanning of all cloud infrastructure and computing resources
  • Multi-tier WAF protection of your public endpoints
  • SOC-supported triage and remediation of all security-related events
  • Meets all compliance requirements for PCI DSS, HIPPA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley and helps you maintain your own compliance requirements

Managed optimisation

EPS Cloud monitors your cloud utilisation and identifies potential issues, opportunities to further cut costs by downgrading cloud instances, downsizing wasteful resources and automatically enforcing uptime policies through customisable schedules.

  • Comprehensive reporting and complete visibility by tracking cloud resource usage and costs
  • Monitor utilisation and easily identify opportunities to cut costs by downsizing wasteful cloud resources
  • Consultancy and setup of automatic schedules for specific and grouped VMs to power off overnight or as needed
  • Automatic uptime policy enforcement through customisable schedules
  • Receive alerts when any, or all, of your resources approach specified budget limits

Included services:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of server uptime, resource usage and app availability
  • Round-the-clock response and resolution to all service issues with documented response SLA
  • Backup, storage, recovery and management for all servers and database resources
  • Platform, OS, networking support
  • IAM, image, AMI and patch management
  • Cloud security provisioning
  • Application support assistance & triage
  • Alert, monitor and ticket integration with customer support teams and tools
  • Cloud optimisation to eliminate underutilised resources and drive down costs

Hyper care support

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