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Drive Competitive Advantage with Interconnection

According to an Equinix market study, Interconnection—direct and private traffic exchange between businesses—is becoming the operational method for companies in today’s digital world. The second annual Global Interconnection Index (GXI) analyzes traffic exchange globally delivers valuable insights to drive digital business advantage.


We’ll break down key findings and more:

Understand how converging industry trends are driving the demand for Interconnection Bandwidth.
Review how global Interconnection Bandwidth is outpacing internet growth by 10x.
Get a regionally specific look into different trends that are expanding Interconnection Bandwidth volume.
Discuss the four classes of Interconnection use cases that businesses must adopt for optimizing distributed infrastructure to achieve a digital-ready environment.

Gain essential insights on why you need to get digital ready or get left behind.

Meet our panelists:

  • Steve Madden - Equinix Senior Director, Solution Marketing Enterprise Vertical Marketing

  • Eric Hanselman - 451 Research Chief Analyst

High-performance global interconnection is key to facilitating the type of collaboration that enables us to deliver new innovative outcomes to our customers. Equinix is providing us with a complete interconnection architecture that's helping us transform how infrastructure projects are designed, built and operated.

- David Neitz CDM Smith

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