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The Digital Commerce Infrastructure – What’s Needed Today in order to Survive Tomorrow?

Experts from Equinix and Coop discuss some of the drivers of digital transformation in retail and how companies are responding. Scott Robertson, lead architect at Coop, talks about the company’s move from a fragmented IT base with “one of everything” to a fully integrated hybrid platform. In this webinar, hosted by the InternetRetailing magazine, Scott and Mathew George, senior manager at Equinix, talk about the future infrastructure as an ecosystem of partners and how they are interconnecting privately, locally and securely.


  • How to get started on your own digital transformation journey

  • What you need to think about – networks, cloud, security, data, interconnection

  • How to engage with the diverse stakeholder groups to gain buy-in for the project

  • What are some of the business benefits that you can expect with interconnection

The future of infrastructure is everywhere and the role of corporate data centre is shrinking. You don’t need to have your own data centre on the premises, it’s a heavy capital expenditure, it’s better to use an interconnection platform.

- Matthew George - Senior Manager, Retail Services, EMEA, Equinix

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