Learn How Leaders are Deploying Digital Infrastructure at Software Speed

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This past year has proven that Digital Infrastructure is no longer visionary, but mandatory. Reimagine your decision-making and set the pace for innovation, growth and leadership in your organization. Successful leaders put digital technology at the center of their business strategy for a competitive advantage. In this Equinix video session at Gartner IOCS, learn how leaders balance efficiency and cost management with an edge to cloud capabilities, and enable their business to operate at software speed.

Speaker: Steve Madden, VP Digital Transformation, Equinix

Steve is an executive customer advocate and advisor, who works closely with IT leaders across all industries on strategies to optimize digital infrastructure. Steve also leads a customer and market intelligence function that unites the art with data science. In his 20 years' experience in IT, he has been dedicated to large global financial services enterprises including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. He has held positions in operations, engineering, product and financial management, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise architecture, CIO management consulting and CTO.