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Equinix Product Policies & Special Offerings

Welcome to Equinix’s Product Policies & Special Offerings. Here you will find Equinix’s policies for products and services categorised by product family as well as Equinix's offerings per applicable product and service. The links reflected below will direct you to the particular policy, products and/or services you may currently have or may have recently ordered. Each policy, product and service is subject to change by Equinix.

The Products listed below may not be available in all IBX® (International Business Exchange) Data Centres. Please contact your authorised Equinix Sales Representative if you have questions.

IBX policies

International Business Exchange (IBX®) Data Centres

Product Policies and Service Level Agreement

Business Continuity

Terms and conditions applicable to Equinix BCTR products and services.



Terms and conditions applicable to Equinix Power product and services.


Terms and conditions applicable to Equinix Custom products and services.


Terms and conditions applicable to Equinix services.

Managed Services


Service-level agreement applicable to managed services in the Netherlands.

Digital Services

Network Edge Policies

Edge Precision Time Policies

Applies only to the US and Canada.


De-Install Offerings

Terms & conditions and fees applicable to the de-installation of Equinix's Cross Connect and Equinix’s Power Circuit products.

Bundled Offerings

Terms & conditions applicable to the Smart Hands Support Plan.

Portability Offering

Terms & conditions applicable to the GTC Portability Offering.