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The Telefonica WAN2Cloud service is available in select metro regions in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. WAN2Cloud interconnects public and private clouds via Telefonica’s global VPN/MPLS network enabling customers to accelerate their hybrid cloud environment according to their business needs. WAN2Cloud delivers an integrated solution offering an end-to-end digital customer experience.

Telefonica WAN2Cloud is available in select Equinix data centres in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. WAN2Cloud brings together a Telefonica MPLS Virtual Private Network and access to leading cloud service providers, as well as access to Telefonica’s cloud services.

With WAN2Cloud, customers obtain fast, scalable, reliable and highly secure private connectivity to cloud-based platforms and business applications without the security, latency and service level agreement issues associated with the public internet.

Telefonica can guide organisations through their own digital transformation journey by helping accelerate their hybrid cloud environments.

Features and benefits

WAN2Cloud brings together public and private smart interconnected clouds. While guiding customers through their own digital transformation, Telefonica’s WAN2Cloud helps them by accelerating a comprehensive hybrid cloud environment to meet their business needs.

Telefonica’s MPLS backbone and Wide Area Network serve the customer’s Virtual Private Network.

  • Private and secure connectivity to CSP platforms.
  • Delivers new CSP sites within the customer’s own VPN.
  • Enables a global hybrid cloud environment.

Key differentiators

Excellence is our key differentiator. It is what our customers want and expect from us.


Telefonica guarantees that you take control of your digital life

Telefonica wants to help people access and enjoy the best of technology. Telefonica aims to become a preferred partner at all levels and guarantee control in your business' digital life.

Values & customer experience

Telefonica provides customers with a unique and customised experience. WAN2Cloud delivers an integrated service including world-class end-to-end digital customer experience.

Hybrid cloud management

WAN2Cloud provides hybrid cloud management of several clouds (private and public), bound together with different redundancy options.