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Lead referral partners


Lead referral partners help their customers by coordinating with the Equinix local sales team to help expedite the purchasing process. By engaging Equinix early, the lead referral partner keeps the project on schedule for one or more data centres across the globe.


Connections that make a difference

Equinix lead referral partners include commercial estate agents, IT consultants, technology brokers and telecom agents. These partners work closely with their customers to deliver a complete ecosystem of buyers and sellers of IT services in each of our IBX data centres to help accelerate business growth, increase agility and support long-term scalability.

A vast business ecosystem

9,500+ network, financial, cloud, content and enterprise customers rely on Equinix for deploying infrastructure and interconnecting with each other. We provide reliable, secure, carrier-neutral connectivity in 100+ data centres strategically located in 44 business metropolitan areas on 5 continents, and we offer direct connections to 1,600+ network service providers worldwide. Our customers are within 10 milliseconds from any location on the internet in over 90% of our data centres.



Scalability and reliability

Reach target markets quickly and efficiently with the confidence of using the most trusted global data centre provider in the industry. Equinix is the leader in reliability with >99.99999% uptime performance. Each of our IBX data centres features full N+1 UPS power and critical back-up systems. We employ an array of security methods and equipment to control, monitor and record access to each facility – from the front door down to individual cages.

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