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Organisations are increasingly migrating applications and workloads to public clouds to achieve greater flexibility and improved economic efficiency. As they do so, they need to ensure that they are still able to deliver required levels of performance availability, security and compliance.

Realising the potential of a hybrid cloud world

Equinix and F5 empower enterprises to deploy business-critical applications in multiple public cloud infrastructures to achieve greater business productivity, while delivering industry-leading security, availability and performance that today’s businesses demand.


  • Consistent user experience
    Establishing a strategic presence for your F5 Big IP cloud gateway within an Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre provides cloud flexibility and consistent user experience across all your applications, no matter what cloud they may be using.
  • Secure access
    Together we ensure you can provide secure access for your users to all applications, workloads and data across your entire hybrid cloud environment (existing IT infrastructure combined with the flexible advantages of public clouds).
  • Single point of control
    By enabling you to orchestrate command and control of network traffic and security across all cloud infrastructure from a single point, we help you deliver a highly resilient and responsive IT infrastructure.

Elements of Equinix/F5 cloud gateway

  • Equinix Cloud Exchange™ - offers software-defined direct connections to multiple cloud services from a single physical port, so you can access whatever service you need, when you need it.
  • Equinix Performance Hub™ - brings IT resources to the corporate network edge, allowing you to quickly and safely connect to the cloud in markets everywhere.
  • F5 Big-IP Platform – offers market-leading cloud gateway services, including single sign-on and ID federation, as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) inspection, Domain Name System (DNS) services, load balancing, a web application firewall and an advanced data centre firewall. Delivered in real time across all workloads, this enables you to leverage the economics and services of multiple clouds while maintaining full application security and control.