Bogotá Data Centres

  • Located in Zona Franca
  • Proximity to key financial services companies
  • Interconnection with 30+ companies

Customers Who Trust Equinix

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Why Choose Bogotá

Reach Everywhere

Our Bogotá data centers are an ideal site for enterprises and governments looking to use multi-tenant data centers for the flexibility and connectivity required in the digital economy. Customers also have easy access to managed hosting services.

Interconnect Everyone

Interconnect within our Bogotá data centre for direct connectivity to leading network operators for reduced latency, including China Telecom, Reliance Communications and Tata Communications.

Integrate Everything

Integrate directly with more than 30+ companies colocated in Bogotá. This is an ideal location for customers looking to expand within Latin America and connect easily to the U.S. with high capacity bandwidth.


Connect to Vibrant Business Ecosystems

Global Networks


Cloud service providers


Financial Enterprises


Content & Digital Media 

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Bogotá IBX® Data Centres
  • Colocation space in one facility in Bogotá’s Zona Franca
  • Access to 30+ customer, partners, content providers and networks

Explore our IBX

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