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The constant increase in the volume of data created by an enterprise puts great pressure on information repositories. Setting aside individual blocks of storage for each server is not efficient, as it generates waste of capacity and has a negative effect on the management and maintenance of backups.

With Equinix Brazil’s Storage as a Service solutions, you can manage your information with much greater efficiency and flexibility, without having to invest in equipment. By hiring space modules for your data storage, you get an easier adjustment to the gradual growth of your structure and minimize any financial risks. Enjoy a secure environment with availability guaranteed by contract.

Use a Dedicated Network or Take Advantage of the Existing Infrastructure

By centralizing your data in a Storage service, you optimize the use of storage capacity, facilitate data access and improve the security of your backups. With the Network-Attached Storage (NAS) service, data access is performed through an existing network infrastructure that interconnects storage devices with your servers. If you need more performance, we also have the option of using an exclusive network for data exchange. Equinix Brazil’s Storage Area Network (SAN) is a network dedicated to this service, using Fiber Channel technology to support high speeds and low latency, with capacity to meet the most stringent performance requirements.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Equinix Brazil’s NAS service is based on TCP/IP, and supports NFS, SMB and iSCSI sharing protocols. That allows you to make your infrastructure less complicated, while still enjoying the low cost and agility of installing this technology. A redundant infrastructure will protect your data, even in case of double disk failures.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

With Equinix Brazil’s SAN solution, data is stored in a highly robust and secure infrastructure, with fully redundant network topology distributed via Fiber Channel. The storage unit is mapped onto the server, allowing for a transparent vision, as though it were physically attached to the device. Create customized solutions to meet your application needs by segmenting data among different performance layers. Equinix Brazil guarantees the IOPS performance of each layer in our contract.


  • The centralization of data repositories allows optimized use of the available storage capacity. Avoid dealing with servers using their full storage capacity while others have their disks empty
  • Easier maintenance and backup. Your backup agent can search for information directly from the storage server
  • Storage capacity offered as a service. No need to invest in hardware. Modular procurement minimizes financial risks
  • Build a solution that is fully customized to your need by segmenting your data between the NAS Storage and the different layers of performance for SAN
  • Security and peace of mind with SLA and IOPS performance guaranteed in contract


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