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Service Level Manager (SLM)


How do you describe the feeling of hiring a Service Level Manager? Think about staying in a hotel that offers concierge service. Your stay will be much more comfortable with the helpful assistance that this professional can provide with anything you may need, a perk that can turn your trip into a highly pleasant experience.

In Brazil, we offer a service that’s very similar to this. In this case, the role of our professional is to maintain and improve the quality of your IT service level by negotiating, defining and managing the level of IT services, as well as promoting actions to improve the environment’s quality. This person is the focal point for your operational interactions with Equinix, interacting with the other teams whenever a need arises and providing you with proactive support in your strategic and tactical decisions.

Benefits of hiring a Service Level Manager (SLM):

  • Service Monitoring and Performance through SLA review reporting, scheduled meetings, incident reports, Escalation and GMUD processes
  • Better understanding of your business, which allows the anticipation of future problems and new needs
  • Review of Change Management Processes, Escalation, Responsibility Matrix and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Environmental risk monitoring, negotiating with peripheral areas on the proper approaches to be taken
  • Direct engagement in the event of problems and/or improvements
  • Operational and managerial assistance for possible crises, deployment of new Services and change management
  • Highly specialized professional as a focal service point, available 24/7 (SLM Premium) or during business hours (SLM Standard)



SLM Premium

Have a dedicated and highly specialized professional, available 24/7 as your focal point for handling all of your operational needs — from performing the most basic actions to support with strategic decisions — and guarantee a much more efficient delivery, as he acquires the type of intricate knowledge of your environment.



SLM Standard

Highly specialized professional to serve as your focal point during normal business hours to handle all of your operational needs.




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