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The wireless network is quickly evolving. To address the latency between mobile devices and the mobile network operator's (MNO) mobile packet core (MPC), mobile networks are beginning to deploy evolved packet core (EPC) equipment. But this technology, which supports new access standards such as LTE that deliver greater data capacity to customers with lower latency, is only part of the solution. To truly achieve the lowest latency and greatest capacity, the future EPC architecture must reflect today's wireline architecture as a reference.


The optimal architecture for wireless

Platform Equinix™ provides the ideal solution for regionally distributing high volumes of traffic closer to users and applications in order to ease congestion over backhaul lines. This enables you to engineer a backbone that complements emerging low-latency access technologies while reducing operational costs.

1,600+ public and private networks, 9,500+ network-hungry customers, 90% of the world’s Internet routes. and >99.99999% uptime record.


Platform Equinix benefits for mobile network operators

  • Reduce latency and increase user satisfaction by connecting directly to popular applications and content, including social networking, audio-video, advertising and email.
  • Leverage distributed infrastructure facilitates "packet core" technology as the network flattens.
  • Enable rapid connectivity solutions to multiple backhaul providers through Equinix Ethernet Exchange™.
  • Connect directly to service enablers and smart phone platforms for advanced handset functionality and OS enablement.
  • Access roaming data within International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres.
  • Access Internetworking Packet Exchange (IPX) networks that enhance quality of service (QoS) and prioritisation of services.
  • Rely on 17M+ ft2 ft2 of global data center capacity across 44 markets to ensure your operations can scale.

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Equinix interconnection services brochure

Platform Equinix™ offers high-performance reach to the greatest number of end users, the widest array of lit buildings and the most vibrant ecosystem of customers within our data centres.


Platform Equinix drives business innovation

Location matters. Platform Equinix interconnects a critical mass of industry participants in one place, allowing businesses to enhance performance and increase user satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

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