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Metronode is now a part of Equinix

Equinix has completed the acquisition of Metronode, a leading data center provider, who operates colocation facilities throughout Australia. The acquisition extends our global interconnection platform to 200+ data centers in 52 markets across 24 countries.


Australia has never been more interconnected

The Metronode acquisition adds 10 data centers to our footprint in Australia, strengthening our position in Sydney and Melbourne, and adding new locations in Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane, four new metros to the Equinix global platform. Equinix also hosts the country’s largest choice of networks and clouds to enable your digital business. Reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything with Equinix—across Australia and the world.

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Directly Connect to an Ecosystem of 725+ Partners and Providers


Platform Equinix™ – Build here, and go anywhere

Platform Equinix, the global platform for digital business, is now fully connected across six major Australian metros at 15 sites. Securely deploy, directly connect and effectively scale your digital infrastructure where everything is within reach. Build here, and go anywhere.


Reach Everywhere

With 15 data centers across 6 cities in Australia and 200+ data centers in 52 markets worldwide, we’re everywhere you need to be.


Interconnect Everyone

Implement an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy to deploy and scale your applications and services at the digital edge, closer to users for superior performance.


Integrate Everything

Dynamically discover and reach your ecosystem partners and providers in key Australian markets, and worldwide, through a single connection.


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