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Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™)

How will you survive digital disruption in media and entertainment?

As the industry faces major disruption, what’s your plan to capture digital consumers and tap emerging global markets?

Shorten the distance

Isolated, legacy infrastructure won’t support the global scale, security and performance you need to compete. Only when you directly connect all the components of production and distribution – shortening the physical distance between them – can you gain the capabilities you need, not just to compete but to win.

See how shortening the distance sparked a technological revolution at ITN studios with instant sports highlights.
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Digital Disruption by Industry*

% Executives expect moderate to massive disruption (next 12 months)

* Digital Pulse 2015, Russell Reynolds Associates

Adopt the architecture of disruption

Today’s disruptors are plugged into a digital media ecosystem where private, direct and secure interconnections give them critical advantages in speed, agility and efficiency.

Interconnection drives performance

  • Streamlined production workflows from pre through post
  • Fast storage speeds editing and cataloguing
  • The most networks for reliable interactivity on the most screens in the most markets

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Leverage the power of interconnection

You have a vision – now you have the power to make it happen. By adopting Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA) from Equinix, you can plug directly into production and distribution partners to efficiently enable the agility and performance you need.

Don’t just compete – make your vision a reality.

Forrester shows IOA from Equinix reduces latency by 42% and delivers payback in 4.2 months.
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Ultimately, the relationship with Equinix will allow ContentBridge to bring advanced digital supply chain solutions directly to the content, wherever the content owner chooses to maintain the digital library.

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EMCEE™ is media’s new digital ecosystem

Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE) is the next-generation reference model for optimising content creation, global distribution and services across the entire media and entertainment industry.

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Join the EMCEE™ ecosystem today

Just one Equinix Performance Hub in a single data centre puts you on the path to Interconnection-oriented Architecture. Let's get you connected!