The growth of the Internet of Things and the upcoming trend toward more immersive and interactive user interfaces will flip the centre of gravity of data production and computing away from central data centres and out to the edge. This research contradicts prevailing views on the future of cloud computing, the topology of computing architectures and the nature of applications as we move toward digital business. Due to the Internet of Things and new user/machine interfaces, computer and storage will move toward the edge instead of the continued growth of mega data centres.


  • Invest in architecture and technologies that help address the increased criticality and user experience that digital business demands.
  • Work with the business to identify technologies, application architectures and application topologies (including the edge) that target smaller, more fleeting business moments.
  • Plan for massive future investment in user interfaces, making interaction between the enterprise, customers and employees more dynamic and immersive.
  • Build strategies for future applications that factor in latency, location, federation and autonomy, as well as determining placement at the edge, cloud and in between.

Enterprises and vendors that don't focus on new demands driven by edge computing will become noncompetitive. The edge will "eat" the cloud.

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