Dusseldorf Data Centres

Why choose Düsseldorf data centre?

Offering a broad choice of networks for peering and transit including access to cloud providers, Equinix Düsseldorf has an optimal mix of services and competitive pricing. It is ideal for data recovery and business continuity solutions.

Certifications and Standards

Our data centres are certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management standards.

Visit our Certifications page for a list of data-centre-specific certifications.

Worldwide network interconnection with Platform Equinix®

Critical Network Connectivity

Our International Business Exchange™ IBX® data centre offers direct connectivity to the European Commercial Internet Exchange(ECIX)

Scalable and Secure Colocation

Integrate directly with more than 50 colocated companies including a dense concentration of service providers and system integrators.

Strong Data Privacy

Our IBX data centre is an ideal location for hosting cloud services and data in compliance with Germany’s data-privacy laws

Access Vibrant Ecosystems

Connect to communities within Equinix that accelerate and amplify internal value creation for your business, including financial enterprises, content and digital media services, global networks and cloudservice providers.

Trusted Partners