EMEA Data Centres

Densest concentration of access to EMEA's leading financial, telecommunications, manufacturing and commercial ecosystems.

Dynamic connections to over 4,200 companies and over 900 networks on site

Equinix has over 63 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres in 23 major metros

  • Bulgaria

    • Sofia

      Major outsourcing location and digital hub linking Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

  • Finland

    • Helsinki

      Ideal for high-speed connectivity across Scandinavia, the Baltic regions and Russia.

  • France

    • Paris

      One of Europe's largest consumer markets and a strategic hub to access subsea cable connections to MENA.

  • Germany

    • Dusseldorf

      Transport hub between Netherlands, Belgium, and the rest of Germany and a major industrial region.

    • Frankfurt

      Leading European financial centre and hub for commerce and manufacturing.

    • Munich

      Industrial powerhouse supporting a dense concentration of automotive, engineering and media enterprises.

    • Hamburg

      Equinix Hamburg offers a carrier-neutral colocation facility with a choice of networks for peering and transit including access to cloud providers.

  • Ireland

    • Dublin

      Leading digital city attracting the world's leading technology providers and enterprises.

  • Italy

    • Milan

      The economic and financial heart of Italy and centre of digital business in Southern Europe.

  • Netherlands

    • Amsterdam

      Europe's most cloud-dense and highly connected city, offering low-latency connectivity to the rest of the world.

    • Enschede

      Regional hub supporting domestic and international applications including business continuity and data management compliance.

    • Zwolle

      Direct connectivity to Equinix Data Centres in Amsterdam and Enschede make Zwolle an ideal backup location.

  • Portugal

    • Lisbon

      Strategically located near sub-sea cables connecting the Iberian Peninsula, Africa and South America. Host to a growing ecosystem of cloud and network service providers.

  • Poland

    • Warsaw

      Business capital of Poland and Eastern Europe's second-largest economy and a strategic gateway connecting east and west.

  • Spain

    • Barcelona

      Renowned innovation hub and an important connection between the Iberian Peninsula, Africa and the Middle East.

    • Madrid

      The most connected city in the Iberian region with a vibrant ecosystem of cloud, network service providers and large enterprises.

    • Seville

      An important commercial centre for Southern Spain with sub-sea connectivity to Morocco and the Canary Islands.

  • Sweden

    • Stockholm

      Europe's biggest mobile market and one of the world's most digitally interconnected economies.

  • Switzerland

    • Geneva

      A critical location for multinational corporations and European banks.

    • Zurich

      One of the world's largest financial markets. Centrally and strategically located with access to 80% of Europe within 30ms round trip.

  • Turkey

    • Istanbul

      Strategic subsea cable interconnection point connecting Europe and Asia.Strategic subsea cable interconnection point connecting Europe and Asia.

  • UAE

    • Abu Dhabi

      Important regional centre of commerce and expansion location for domestic and international businesses serving the growing MENA market.

    • Dubai

      Commercial hub for international business in the MENA region and a natural aggregation point for regional and international activity.

  • United Kingdom

    • London

      One of the world's most important financial and business centres, served by excellent communication links and offering unrivalled access to European markets.

    • Manchester

      Fast-growing business centre for technology and media, and the most connected city in the UK outside London.

  • Oman

    • Muscat

      Equinix Muscat data centre creates a regional interconnection hub with ultra-low latencies between global business markets at the heart of the digital ecosystem of Asia, Africa and Europe.