Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Corporate Sustainability Programme was designed to deliver meaningful and measurable progress against sustainability goals that positively affect our customers, partners, investors and employees. We seek to be good stewards of the environment and the resources we consume. As leaders in data centre sustainability, we are leading by example and taking steps to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce our energy consumption. We also value of collaboration and transparency in all of our efforts.

Green Innovation

We continuously look for innovative ways to deploy energy-saving technologies and on-site generation solutions.

Adaptive control systems

Reduce power consumption and increase cooling capacity through active airflow management using intelligent, distributed sensors and innovative control policies

ASHRAE thermal guidelines

Reduce power consumption for cooling, while maintaining a safe operating temperature for computing equipment

Cold/hot aisle containment

Lowers energy consumption and enables more efficient cooling by using physical barriers to reduce the mixing of cold air in data centre supply aisles with the hot air in exhaust aisles

Energy-efficient lighting systems

Use motion-activated controls and/or LEDs to reduce energy consumption and ambient heat from operating lights

Fuel cells

Place electricity in close proximity to our energy consumption while allowing maximum efficiency and increased resiliency; Equinix has 38 MW of fuel cells deployed in the US.

High temperature chilled water set points

Improve our design and operational PUEs by raising the chilled water temperature to save energy

Green Certifications & Recognition

Equinix data centres are certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management systems standards. All new builds target LEED Silver or equivalent green building certifications.We join forces with partners across industries and share best practices. As a result, we have been recognised by a variety of organisations for our leadership in operating sustainably.