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Customer Success Manager FAQs

Your experience with Equinix will be even better, as you work with a more robust service and support team, acting as your representative(s) into Equinix and covering a broader range of activities. Here you will find information about the Customer Success Manager (CSM) role, the situations in which they can help you, how this interaction takes place and the period and languages in which the CSM support will be available starting in October.

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What is a Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) role was introduced to improve our customers’ experience. Your CSM acts as your representative into Equinix, negotiating your interests and ensuring that the company’s functions work together to meet your needs on time and with the level of quality you expect. This team’s main goal is to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

When can the CSM help me?

Starting from October 2018, the CSM can help you with:

  • Follow-up on activations of service upgrades;
  • General administrative questions;
  • Issues in the running of contracted services;
  • Issues with Equinix’s service and support;
  • Guidance on the enrollment or updating of authorized persons using the contracted contingency points, and prior notice before use;
  • Data updates (name, Corporate Taxpayer Registry (CNPJ), address, city, etc.) in cases of assignment of rights;
  • Requests for changes, inclusion or exclusion of items or features in contracted Equinix products; Termination & Deinstall management; MACD;
  • Information on the delivery date for managed services, after the signing of the contract and technical interview;
  • Billing and Equinix Service Desk escalations;
  • Questions about early cancellation of a contract item;
  • Audit requests (SSAE 16, compliance, bridge letters, audit questionnaires);
  • Sending root cause report.

Will all Brazilian customers be supported by the CSM in all Equinix sites, starting in October?

Yes. Currently, some customers already have CSM support and, as of October 2018, all Equinix Brazilian customers will be supported by a CSM, at no additional cost.

How do I know who my CSM will be as of October?

To ensure customers better understand the upcoming changes, Equinix will start contacting each Brazilian customer starting in August. The goal of these calls will be to discuss the key changes set to take place in October, and explain how customers can best interact with Equinix. During these calls, Equinix will also provide you contact information for your newly assigned CSM.

I'm already getting support from a CSM at the moment. Will my focal point remain the same after October or will there be any change?

In some cases, there may be a change and you will be notified in advance of any changes. In addition, you will discover the CSM's scope of support will be expanded after October, as your CSM will be able to support you in new activities, besides those being worked on now.

Will the CSM be available to help me on any day and at any time of the week?

The normal CSM support hours are office hours (Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.). However, if you have any scheduled activities outside these hours and need the support of the CSM, talk to your focal point so that they will arrange the best way to help you. In the case of something unexpected, occurring outside of CSM support hours, you can contact Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD) directly by telephone (0800.878.1202 or 1 866.378.4649) or email (

How will CSM support be handled?

Whenever you need CSM support, you can contact your CSM by email or phone and they will work with you to resolve your issue.

Does this mean, that starting in October, it will no longer be necessary to open tickets?

No. Opening tickets will still be necessary to register, track and resolve issues more quickly. However, after opening the ticket, if you are not satisfied with the response or the response time for your ticket, you can also use your CSM as a channel to escalate your issue. The CSM will closely manage the issue with you until it is 100% resolved.

In which languages are the CSMs able to answer me?

All CSM focal points will be able to provide support in Portuguese and English.

I also have a SLM (Service Level Manager) contracted with Equinix in Brazil. In this case, who should I contact for support with my requests?

The CSM is a new support channel that Equinix is offering all our customers to better serve you in the situations listed above, with a different scope of operation from the SLM. However, if you have an SLM (Service Level Manager) focal point and prefer to continue contacting them with requests they are familiar with, that is no problem. If you have any requests for your SLM which better align to the scope of your CSM, your SLM focal point will work with your CSM to resolve these issues in a timely fashion.

What is the difference in scope between the role of the CSM (Customer Success Manager) and the SLM (Service Level Manager)?

First, unlike the CSM, the SLM is a product that can be purchased. The SLM serves as an IT consultant for customers within Equinix, supporting service level agreement (SLA) definition and control, identifying new performance optimization opportunities in the environment according to best market practices. The SLM also supports capacity planning, so that your hosted environment fully meets your business’ current and future needs, planning changes and alignment of your organization’s goals to the IT team’s goals to increase your operational efficiency. It is a customized and highly pro-active service based on each customer’s performance indicators. As you can see, the SLM and the CSM have very different applications and goals.

Can the CSM also help in contracting new products and services with Equinix Brazil?

Yes. Some product-related requests can be completed by your CSM, if you request them via email or phone. These cases include all products/services that may be upgraded/downgraded without changes in the space contracted by the customer. Some examples are: requesting a power upgrade or downgrade, including circuits or increasing internet bandwidth capacity and requesting accessories. In addition, some products are available for upgrades or contracting via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), such as Cross Connects, Intra-customer Cross Connects and Smart Hands™.

How can the CSM help customers with contracted Equinix business continuity?

Your CSM can support via two distinct activities:

  • guidance in registering or updating the names of persons authorized to access contracted business continuity;
  • and preparing these points of contact for use (whenever the customer wishes to use the contracted business continuity, they will need to notify their CSM in advance as set out in the product specifications in order to get authorization at the entrance).

Please note: If the customer has any emergency/urgent needs, outside the stated CSM support hours, contact the Equinix Service Global Desk (GSD) via telephone (0800.878.1202 or +1 866.378.4649) or email (

Can the CSM help me if I need to cancel a product contracted with Equinix?

The CSM can help customers in cases of partial cancellation, in which the customer wishes to cancel only some items of the contract. However, in the case of full contract cancellation, this must be requested via email ( to the Equinix Revenue Retention team.