Can you imagine losing all of your company’s critical information? Even if you invest in redundant storage capabilities, the unexpected can, and does, happen. Maintain a reliable backup system and protect your data against failure due to hardware, application, security or human error.

The total cost of ownership of a complete backup solution is high, and maintaining a team dedicated to this activity is not practical for most enterprises. With other priorities in mind, backup can be at risk. Failures are often discovered only when a restore is needed.

Don’t take that risk! Learn about our backup solution.

Worry-free backup

You can use our Backup as a Service solution, depending on the volume of data that needs to be backed up. Whenever you need it, you can quickly increase capacity. Don’t worry about buying or allocating hardware and labour.

Backups are performed every day, according to a previously defined policy. The backup agent runs at the scheduled time, and can copy files from the filesystem or retrieve data directly from their applications. Ensure reliable backup for the files on your storage, database (Oracle and SQL Server) and virtual machines (by installing agents on physical hosts).

By following best security practices, we keep all used media at a separate location from the backup structure, with access and temperature controls.

Dedicated and customised solutions

In order to comply with stringent business and regulatory requirements, Equinix Brazil also offers dedicated backup solutions. Solutions are customised to your needs and dedicated equipment is installed in your environment. You can choose to place your own team, or our professionals, as administrators of this equipment.

Backup protection in the Cloud

Equinix offers its Backup customers off-site protection service in the Cloud. All this to provide even more security for your data and information.

In order to reduce the risk of losing data in case of a disaster, you can now copy your Backup in the Cloud. Data is stored in a second Equinix Data Centre, introducing another layer of protection for your Backup.


  • Recover your data in the event of failure due to hardware, application, security or human error
  • Our team will monitor the generation of backups, tape exchanges and periodic tests to ensure that the solution is operating properly
  • No investments in hardware or infrastructure! Acquire Backup as a Service, depending on the volume of data, and scale up gradually to meet your demand
  • Backups performed automatically, every day and on schedule, according to the policy defined
  • Have backup copies of the files in the filesystem or of information retrieved directly from the applications (email, databases, virtual machines, etc.)
  • Backup media is archived in secure vault drawers, at a separate location from your servers
  • Comply with the most stringent business and regulatory requirements with our dedicated and customised backup solutions

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