As the demand for high-performance and agile networks grows, businesses are being driven to cloud-based technologies and enhanced data centre services to boost speed, increase flexibility and improve overall network performance. Unfortunately, adding additional infrastructure and staff to meet these requirements is costly and usually does not ensure the level of scalability and reliability that IT managers are seeking. This is where AT&T Hosting and Cloud Solutions come in.

With AT&T Hosting Services - colocation services - your enterprises gain access to integrated, seamless solutions that help you conserve capital, deliver long-term value and simplify data and content management.

With AT&T Cloud Solutions like AT&T NetBond℠, your enterprises gain the security, cloud accessibility and reliability that you need to scale your network to meet the demands of your business and customers.


Features and benefits

  • Access to enterprise-class cloud services bypassing the public internet for exceptional service quality and security
  • >99.99999% availability with industry leading SLAs for business critical environments
  • Scalable performance and bandwidth to meet the changing demands of your business and networks

The benefits of a private network with the flexibility of the cloud

AT&T and Equinix are working together to embed AT&T NetBond into select Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres. This alliance offers enterprise customers fast and highly secure direct connections to leading cloud solution providers (including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), in addition to eliminating many of the reliability, security and latency issues traditionally associated with accessing solution providers through the public internet.

Regardless of whether your driving force is performance, cost effectiveness or security, it is time to combine the security and performance of AT&T NetBond or AT&T colocation services with the reliability and scalability of AT&T's MPLS networks.

It's time you unlocked the true power, agility and potential of the cloud.


Learn more about AT&T and Equinix

To learn more about the fast and secure cloud connections set up by AT&T NetBond and Equinix for major providers, please fill out the contact form.


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