Equinix IBX data centres: NY6

NY6 is Equinix's newest Business Suites facility, catering to companies looking for a larger footprint that allows them to scale while maintaining a high level of service and connectivity to a robust ecosystem. This Business Suites facility is designed to bridge the gap between retail and wholesale colocation by providing large, 300+ kVA footprints.

Interconnect with a thriving business community.

Our New York data centres are the business hub for 750+ media and financial services companies and large enterprises, with more than 125+ cloud and network service providers in the largest metropolitan area in the country. Our metropolitan facilities are home to the Equinix Financial eXchange, an extensive community of financial companies that interconnect in close proximity to each other, maximising trading operations. In addition, there is a dense concentration of ad-tech companies directly connecting on Equinix's Ad-IX advertising exchange. All our New York IBX facilities are connected through campus cross connects and Equinix Metro Connect™

NY6 - New York IBX data centre

New York data centre NY6 in Secaucus serves the world's largest financial, media and enterprise companies with Equinix International Business Exchange facilities and premium interconnection services.

NY6 features and benefits

  • NY6 is the ideal location for large, 300+ kVA deployments and is right next to the thriving financial, network and cloud ecosystems in our NY2, NY4 and NY5 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) locations.
  • Business Suites offer “the Equinix experience”, while giving customers additional latitude to scale, control and customise their large-scale deployments.
  • Access to Internet Exchange and Equinix Cloud Exchange™.
  • NY6 is a new, stand-alone, purpose-built Business Suites facility located in Equinix's Secaucus campus with connectivity to NY2, NY4 and NY5 via cross connects and NY1, NY7, NY8 and NY9 via Metro Connect.

Awards and accreditations

Equinix is committed to providing standards-compliant data centres, with many of our facilities having undergone audits for SSAE16 or receiving certification for ISO or LEED. Additionally, our IBX data centres are the recipients of industry awards in a variety of categories including operational reliability, market leadership and green initiatives. Please contact us to learn more about a particular facility.

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New York is home to many of the world's largest financial, media and enterprise companies. Because of their close proximity and partnerships with Equinix, our Financial eXchange service specialises in serving the unique needs of the banking and trading communities within the financial services sector.


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