Cloud service providers

Interconnections define cloud performance. Fast, reliable, direct connections to global networks, key customers and business partners shape your end-users' quality of experience. They also affect your operating costs and the flexibility and resiliency of your cloud business. That’s why 500+ cloud companies around the world make Equinix their home. We connect cloud service providers to thousands of top-tier communications networks, enterprise customers and technology partners worldwide. Connecting to Platform Equinix™ enables a consistent, high level of performance that differentiates your services and puts you on the fast track to cloud revenue.


Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS and PaaS)

For companies providing cloud infrastructure services (IaaS and PaaS), reliability and performance are critical. Equinix data centres provide a rock-solid foundation for your business. We have a multi-year history of greater than >99.99999% uptime. Combine this with connectivity to 1,400+, and you have the perfect platform for fast, efficient and reliable service delivery. For cloud infrastructure providers, Equinix provides more than colocation - we provide peace of mind.

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Software services (SaaS and ISVs)

Application performance dictates your end users' quality of experience. Tech industry research firm Gartner estimates SaaS providers could slash network latency by around 50% by shrinking the geographic distance between their application servers and their customers. If you want to accelerate application delivery by distributing software services closer to end users, there’s no better place than Equinix data centres. Our global locations enable you to deliver application services to the world’s top markets within 10 milliseconds.

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Managed cloud and IT services

Application performance dictates your end users' quality of experience. Cloud providers can accelerate application delivery by distributing their services closer to end users, and there’s no better place to do so than Equinix data centres.

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