Corporate Social Responsibility

With 145+ data centers in 40 markets on five continents, Equinix truly is a citizen of the world. And we are committed to being a responsible and generous one.

Equinix Impact

We have developed the Equinix Impact programme to help more people benefit from the opportunities the digital economy creates. This includes providing opportunities for our employees, customers and shareholders to contribute to making our society healthier and more vibrant, both locally and globally.

Equinix social responsibility

The Equinix Impact programme is the centerpiece of our corporate social responsibility pursuits. The programme awards grants to support small to medium-sized nonprofits that are dedicated to helping more people benefit from digital opportunity.

Through the Impact Programme, we're striving to make an impact in four key areas:

  • Economic empowerment: many underserved communities either aren’t connected or haven’t realised the internet’s full potential. We support efforts to enable greater connectivity and internet access, so more people can benefit from the digital economy.
  • Environmental stewardship: we are helping to advance initiatives that utilise web-based technology to preserve and enhance the environment for future generations.
  • Disaster relief and resiliency: we support efforts that use information and communications technology to aid in relief efforts and assist families, communities and businesses as they work to rebuild after disasters.
  • Workforce development: an educated workforce is essential to business and economic success. We are championing programmes that prepare individuals for careers in global digital infrastructure.

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