Business Ecosystems

When you locate in an Equinix data centre, you gain access to rich business ecosystems in growing industries, including advertising, cloud, financial services, media and entertainment and mobility.

Cloud ecosystem: 2,500+ participants

Network ecosystem: 1,400+ participants

Financial services ecosystem: 875+ participants

Content and media ecosystem: 500+ participants

Online advertising: 85+ participants

The Power of Interconnection

8,000+ customers converge within Equinix, meaning a vast pool of potential partners and customers who can help you speed growth and uncover opportunity is always on your doorstep. As business models become increasingly interdependent and companies team up with partners inside and outside their traditional ecosystems to create new services, you'll be confident knowing you can seamlessly connect and collaborate with other key market movers, innovators and enablers.

Equinix Marketplace™ makes it even easier for you to find and conduct business with other Platform Equinix™ participants. Marketplace is a free offering that uses a web interface to enable sellers to promote their services and buyers to quickly find the services they need. It's an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and find new revenues.

Our vibrant business ecosystems give companies a place to come together to maximise business performance and tap into new possibilities.

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